How are the payments processed?

We accept payments made through PayPal and Bank account transfers.
PayPal enable our customers to enter their credit/debit card details and pay immediately for the product without having a PayPal account. 

Bank account transfers allow our customers to simply transfer the money from their account to our account without the hassle of entering credit/debit card numbers. 

How is the shipping processed?

We process all orders the same day if made before 2pm (business working day), if an order is made after 2pm we will process it the following business day. 

Do we have a physical store?

Currently at this stage and time we do not have a physical store but that definitely doesn't mean we wont have one in the near future. To stay up to date please follow us on social media (Facebook & Instagram). 

Is there any chance we can pick the item(s) up or try before making a purchase?

Yes you can. Please contact us via mobile phone so we can arrange a time and place: 02040483866